Day: June 13, 2012

Friday's Child

I did not enjoy reading this. The characters became too annoying and I became too indifferent.

I found Viscount Sherry to be a snot for much of the novel. He cautions his wife: “If you don’t take care, Kitten, you’ll have people saying you’re bookish.” His dialogue was over the top too. I know a lot of people like the over the top nature of Heyer’s characters, and it doesn’t always work for me especially if the character seems to be dramatic for the sake of drama.

Hero/Kitten was good, but she was insipid at times. Typical of many of Heyer’s leads that are young, inexperienced and virginal. But I can only read about how annoying and without common sense a female character has. It just got worse and worse with Hero.

I did like Sherry’s friends and how they genuinely were fond of both Hero and Sherry to help them. Other than that, I didn’t really like most of the characters or the plot.

As I read the book waiting for it to be finished, I was glad there wasn’t another abduction. Well, I jumped the ship too soon because there was actually two! Argh.

I will still keep reading Heyer because I have enjoyed some of her novels. Also there is an addictive quality to her works. I keep reading to find the good novels. Personally, Friday’s Child was not that for me. I would not recommend it as the first Heyer novel to try, but I am aware other people love it. There is a lot of elements of classic Heyer in this novel.

Read June 11, 2012.