Day: June 23, 2012

The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer

After being bored with Friday’s Child, I adored this Heyer novel. I think The Grand Sophy is one of my favourite Heyer novels. Sophy is, in modern vocabulary, a badass.

If only there was a sequel to this novel. I adored most of the characters and the ones I didn’t like, I enjoyed when Sophy put them to their place. She is such a fun and over the top character, but great to read. The romance in it is classic antagonism, but very fun as well. There is a lot of chemistry with the main pairing. I only wish we could have seen more from their lives and the reactions of everyone because the ending of the novel is tidy.

Also, there was an abduction in this novel, but it was wonderful and the best one of Heyer’s that I’ve read so far.

All in all, a fun Heyer regency romance with mischief an antics a plenty from one of her best heroines.

Read June 20-21, 2012.