Sunday Salon: Mansfield Park

Sunday Salon

This week I read and finished Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

I started Mansfield Park for Austen in August as well. I even started a review before reading the book because I wanted to write about why this was my last major Austen work. I am only at about page 48 so far, and it really is more serious than Austen’s other novels. It’s not as tongue in cheek; it’s still Austen observant, but it really is moralizing. I’ll hit it more in the review.

The weather continues to be dry, hot and not conducive to many things. It is a long weekend so we went on a road trip yesterday (not my idea), but I bought the things I wanted and ate some. However, I have been fighting a cold all week and been taking oil of oregano. I didn’t take it yesterday nor did I sleep a lot. I woke up a bit feverish, very dizzy and tired. I wanted to read MP today, but I also wanted to clean, organize my things, etc. I think I won’t do all that I want today. I really hope it rains and cools down soon.

Also, I am still glued to the Olympics and watching it everyday. It is proving a distraction to my reading. Ahh, well. It’ll be over soon and I have enjoyed it. It has made me miss the UK like mad though.

What are you doing this Sunday?

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