Hour 5 and 6: Cover Challenge

Books Read: 0
Progress: p. 200 of Beloved (nearly done)

Another friend called during Hour and we talked into Hour 5. I became hungry as I usually am around this time of day. I had grapes and a
rice cake. I am still a bit hungry, but it’ll have to do.

I will need to make more tea soon and it will have to be caffeined. The rain is going to make me even more sleepy.

Lori has a challenge of covers of the books we have read. I have only read one book so far so I decided to make a tiny collage of different Beloved book covers. None of these covers are used in the edition I own and am reading.


EDIT: Dewey has announced that this challenge will be up all day. I’ll make another collage at the end of the challenge of all the books I’ve read. Check back to this post.

ETA 8:10PM:
cover challenge

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