Booking Through Thursday – Present Tense

Any books you’re particularly hoping to be gifted this year? Any that you’re giving as presents this holiday season? – BTT

Since Christmas isn’t really celebrated by my family, it’s low on gifts. I do like the holiday season. I am getting myself a couple of cookbooks. This seems to be a tradition as I got myself three cookbooks last year. I really should stop as I now have a wee too many cookbooks. As for other books, I have enough unread ones to last for awhile. I like the cookbooks since they are festive in themselves a lot of the time and they celebrate my love of food and glossy books.

What books are in your life this holiday season?


    • athena says:

      Hey Kristin! This is what I tell myself whenever I buy cookbooks. I don’t cook that often anymore, but I still love the big, colourful books. Thanks!

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