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This week on BTT:

If you could write a book, what would it be about, and why? (Though, of course, some of you already HAVE.)

I wish I had the ability to write a book because I think there have always been three kinds of books I like to read and wish to write.

First would be food. I’d love to take the photos and write recipes, but also write about food as a cultural effect in our lives.

Second, I’d like to do travel writing. Oddly, I think this is the most realistic aspirations. Even more fun is if I mix the food in with the travel.

Finally, I’d like to read a novel. I read them enough, but I would be glad to finish a long work of fiction. I have attempted to several times, but the stories don’t seem to be in me to finish.

How about you? What books would you write?


    • athena says:

      Hi Karen! I did NaNoWriMo twice and I couldn’t finish my novel either times. I don’t think it’s in for me to finish a great work of English literature or even a paperback novel that drug stores sell! Thanks for commenting!

    • athena says:

      Hi Eva! I collect cook books too, but I only have about five so I need to get on it. I understand what you mean about it being better off not to write in the end. Thanks for the comment as always!

    • athena says:

      Hi City Girl! I would love to write more about travel, but I would need to actually do it to write it. Wish someone could pay me for that! hehe. Thanks for commenting!

  1. DynnaLou says:

    I am not into books but I love cookbooks because it can help me bake and cook different styles of food and I am sure a lot of people would love to have cookbooks at home..

  2. Thallia says:

    This is actually interesting.. I am not sure if my friends would love this if I share it to them.. Anyway, I just love this one!

  3. Reading Kelly says:

    I love your book ideas! I travel all the time for work and love finding the local food and places to eat. And when I am home I love cooking and trying new recipes. I would definitely be a fan of your books. My book would also be about travel. See my BTT here

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