Sunday Salon – Busyness

Sunday Salon

Hello, everyone!

I read one book last Sunday and it was Habibi by Craig Thompson. I will read a bit today, but I haven’t decided on what to read.

It’s been a social week, but again, not a super productive one. I’ve been fighting getting sick for over a week so now I have a full on cold. Not good since I have a busy Monday to prepare for. Blah. It’s ok because I’ve had a good year. This is only the second time I’ve been really sick all year which is average for an adult so my health is good.

Part of the reason I’ve been fighting illness is the changing December weather. It has been a wet December. I’ve had to wear my wellies twice. Some days, it’s very mild and other days, it’s very windy and cold. It’s not that festive, but it’ll be fine by Christmas.

How is everyone’s December is going?

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