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It’s my Dad’s birthday today, which makes me wonder … do you like to give books as gifts?

I’m usually torn. I love giving and sharing books, but it can be hard. The giftee can be difficult to please, or you don’t know what they’ve read (or what they thought of books they have read). Even people who love to read and love to get books can be hard to gift books to … so, does that make you pause and reach for the neckties or DVDs or sweaters … anything BUT a book at gift-giving time? How do you feel about getting books yourself? Are you picky or easy? (For the record, I’m told I’m VERY hard to buy for, even though I’ll read just about anything … go figure. – BTT

Gift giving is always tricky. I tend to not give books as gifts because most people I know don’t really appreciate books like I do. Secondly, while I love books, I am picky about the books I receive too. I have received books in the past and I appreciate the thought, but unless the person knows me very well (and few do), I don’t necessarily get the books I want. I really like to choose my own books, and I will pretty much read anything too. But there is something about choosing the books you read. I do love recommendations though, but I like to seek the book out in my own time.

I think a good way of giving a book lover a gift is to give them a gift certificate to their bookstore of choice, Amazon, Chapters, Book Depository, etc.

Otherwise, I like other gifts too. 🙂

Also, I posted this at 2AM not because of insomnia, but because I am just rereading Harry Potter stuffs.

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