First Impressions: Lioele Triple the Solution and Dollish Veil Vita BB creams

Lioele BB creams

On the left is the Triple the Solution sample beside the Dollish Veil Vita

I recently ordered some BB cream samples from eBay seller “sing-sing-girl”. The seller also provided extra samples of two Lioele BB creams that I have yet to try: Triple the Solution BB cream (Lioele’s most popular BB cream) and Dollish Veil Vita BB cream. While these weren’t on the top list of BB creams to try, I was pleased to do so because I did like the Lioele Water Drop BB Cream.

This is not a full review since I usually need to try a product for weeks to really see how it affects my skin. Since I only had such a small packet sample of each, I managed to get about 2-3 applications of it. I could have gotten more, but unsealed and unprotected product is probably not ideal for testing.

As a reminder, my skin is normal (dryer in winter), I use an SPF moisturizer before BB application, and sometimes my homemade Vitamin C serum. I am a MAC NC20.

Here are my first impressions.

Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream:

Lioele website: “Makeup Base + UV Protection in only 1 product. Protect skin from harmful UV rays, also to treat stressed skin with Vitamins at once.”

This is more of a makeup primer than a BB cream. It has SPF25++.

Texture: White, very wet formulation, but oxidizes quickly
Scent: Rather creamy
Moisturizing: Not very
Finish: Matte
Coverage: Minimal. I think you could build it up, but as a primer, it doesn’t really offer a lot of coverage.

I wore eyeliner and highlighter to test out the primer abilities. You definitely need a separate eye primer, but I have really oily eyelids. The highlighter was OK at the end of the day and given the finish, I think most makeup would adhere decently.

Verdict: Won’t purchase because I do not wear much makeup or need a primer when I do. Drying and had no additional benefit other than the SPF.

Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream:

Lioele website: “It’s special BB Cream which works greatly in Whitening & Wrinkle Care & UV Protection. Its natural looking coverage let your skin look healthier and smoother. Not only brightens your skin tone, but also protect it from harmful UVA/UVB. With A little volume of BB cream, it hides most of skin trouble.You can have most flawless complexion.” SPF27++

Texture: Thicker BB Cream, foundation like, flesh/dark beige coloured
Scent: A tad strong.
Moisturizing: Not really, about the same as the Dollish
Finish: Matte
Coverage: Medium to Full – This is BB cream has the most coverage of the five I’ve tried yet. It easily covered redness and my dark under eye area which the Water Drop couldn’t do. I still would need to put moisturizer underneath especially in the eye are because I noticed as the day wore on, it became dryer and settled into my fine lines.

Verdict: Unlikely to Purchase. Since this on the more the dryer and matte side, it would be work better on me in the summer. The extra coverage is nice, but I didn’t like how it caked in my under eye area. I don’t really need the coverage. I think this is a good BB cream for girls with oily/combo skin who want a lot more coverage.

Have you tried these Lioele BB Creams? Which are your favourite BB creams?

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