FO Fridays: Shedir

Shedir IIThis is my second Shedir. My first Shedir was made over five years ago. I really liked this pattern the first time, and it is one of the items that many knitters and non-knitters alike remark on. I only did the main cable repeat 4 times because a lot of people said the hat was too long. It was a tad too short as it barely touched my ears. It was a beanie and I needed more of a toque. It is warm and light though.

Shedir IISecondly, since this has been my favourite winter hat, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it so it has felted over time. When I bought this oddball of Felted Tweed probably in 2008, I had a feeling that I would knit this pattern again.

Shedir IILike the first time, I used the same yarn (one of my favourite yarns in the world), cabled without a cable needle, and knit the stitches through the back loop. This time, I did the full five repeats and modified the decreasing at the top of the hat so that it would eliminate the nipple.

Shedir II

Shedir II, started Januardy 3rd, 2013, finished January 18th, 2013. Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Shedir by Jenna Wilsom from Knitty Fall 2004 special Ravelry Pattern Page
Size: One size
Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed – 160 Gilt (191yards/175m – 50g) – 50% Merino, 25% Rayon, 25% Alpaca. You need the whole skein of yarn if you do it without the mods.
Needles: #3/3.125mm 16″/40cm circulars and #2.5/3.0mm 40″/100cm circulars for the top of the hat with Magic Loop
Modifications & Notes:

  • German Twisted/Old Norwegian CO
  • Found PFB better than M1P.
  • Knits through st tbl as before.
  • Mini cables with the slip and switch method as before.
  • Eliminated rows 73, 76, and 79. After row 81 (16 sts), did k2tog until 8 sts, cut the yarn and threaded it through the remaining stithes. I also skipped row 66 because I was afraid of running out of yarn, but didn’t need to so I won’t skip 66 again.

Tools/Notions: Row counter heavily recommended and colour coding the chart helps too.
Cost of Project: I think the yarn was $5 oddball, but I bought it years ago.
Would I knit it again? Yes, and I did.
Helpful Links: Knitty’s article on Mini-Cables.

Have a good weekend! For more FOs, go to Tami’s Amis.


  1. Word Lily says:

    You gotta love patterns you make more than once! The list of those I’ve repeated is quite short. The hat is great! Does the pattern not call for working tbl? It’s a little hard for me to imagine them worked straight, since yours seems so right! Lovely hat(s).

    • athena says:

      Hi Word Lily! I am the same as I think I’ve only repeated less than five patterns in the seven years I’ve been knitting. No, the pattern doesn’t specify TBL which is strange since these are Bavarian cables. Most people do it TBL though and I prefer it with mini cables. Thanks!

  2. Chris says:

    I did that one long ago. I have always thought I would do it again, but just never did. Maybe I need to put it in my queue. Both of your hats are lovely.

    • athena says:

      Hi Chris! When I bought the yarn, I realized I would probably end up doing it and I needed to. I think I could even make a third one if pressed since I love the look and functionality of so much. Thanks for the comment!

    • athena says:

      Hi Cloudberry! It’s a very good stretchy cast-on that is similar to the standard Long Tail one. It’s my favourite for hats and anything that needs to be super stretchy. Have a great weekend!

  3. Leah says:

    It looks beautiful! I love felted tweed. I had no idea the pattern didn’t call for twisted stitches… clearly twisted stitches are the best.

    • athena says:

      Hello friend! Felted Tweed is one of my favourite yarns in the world. <3 Yeah, twisted stitches + mini cables are essential. Thanks! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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