Sandman: Dream Hunters by Neil Gaiman and and P. Craig Russell

Sandman: Dream Hunters

The Sandman series is my favourite graphic novel series, and I have read all the novels and the companion pieces except this one. This is actually a 20th anniversary special comic book adaptation of the earlier Sandman: The Dream Hunters which was drawn by Yoshitako Amano. It has been a few years since I read that one, and the only thing I remember from it were the surreal and interesting graphics.

It is a Japanese folk tale incorporating love, revenge, and greed. Classic themes all in the landscape of the Sandman’s playground. I have been on a Japanese kick lately so the timing was good for this and reminds me how long it’s been since I’ve seen the Asian folk tale trope of animal spirits and their ability to play tricks. The story is still all Gaiman though and Morpheus emphasizes that even though things ended the way they did, everyone learned a lesson through his intervention and his realm. Things are not fair, but at least one can learn from them even if it is just about yourself.

Recommended for those who like the series and Gaiman. I do think that Endless Nights and the two Death companion pieces ranks above this one, but I love this universe so anytime I get to read stories from it is a pleasure.

Read January 31st 2013.

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