Booking Through Thursday – Childhood vs. Adult

Have your reading habits changed since you were a child? (I mean, I’m assuming you have less time to read now, but …) Did you devour and absorb books when you were 10 and only just lightly read them now? Did you re-read frequently as a child but now only read new books? How about types of books? Do you find yourself still attracted to the kinds of books you read when you were a kid? – BTT

As with last week, I rarely reread books as a kid or had the desire to do so. It was always about the next book, but today, I keep a running tally of books I’d like to reread in the future. I’m still not a big rereader though.

While I may have less time to read now, reading was my only real hobby as a child other than TV and socializing which aren’t really hobbies to begin with. Nowadays, I have a lot more things that occupy my time, but I read faster than I was as a kid obviously. I read faster than I did five years ago I think, but my speed has more or less plateaued now.

I think the intensity is the same, but I love books more than I did then. I am still drawn to children’s books because there were many that I missed out on such as Little Women and Anne of Green Gables. As a child, I really liked children and YA fantasy and mythology. While I am less into mythology, I still read a lot of YA fantasy. I actually am not as interested in adult fantasy as much which I’m not quite sure of the reason. I’m only now slowly getting into it with Game of Thrones.

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