The Best American Travel Writing 2008 edited by Anthony Bourdain

Usually, I read this the year they are published, but I had a busy 2008 and must have missed it then. I usually wouldn’t go back so many years, but Anthony Bourdain edited this edition. Bourdain is one of my favourite travel writers so I was interested to see what articles he had selected.

Since this being Bourdain, I was hoping for a food bent, and there were indeed a couple of food targeted articles, but less than you would expect from the former chef. There was a theme in the articles and the Middle East and Central Asia were prominent. I think this was partly because of the time too, but these are locations that Bourdain has not explored a lot on his shows that much.

In any case, I love this series as it always has some illuminating and interesting articles. I found the last article about Easter Island and travel really evocative and poignant too. One of the better selected edited books from this series.

Read May 4-5th 2013.

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