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Sunday Salon

Hello, everyone!

This week, I posted my review for Son by Lois Lowry and read Cooked by Michael Pollan (review up tomorrow). I started Paul Theroux’s The Last Train to Zona Verde yesterday and will finish it up today so I can start Adam Gopnik’s Through the Children’s Gate.

It’s been hot and humid these last couple of days. I’m not working these days which is not ideal, but I have free time. I am also going to on holiday to New York City later this week. The blog will be a bit slow in for the next two weeks. I doubt I will be reading much on holiday.

I’ll be taking a lot of photos. I also bought the NY City Pass which means hitting up to 4 museums on my fiveish days in the city. I’ll be catching up with an old friend in the hot NY summer. I don’t think I’ll be eating or sleeping very much. I also have to be careful because of the urges to shop.

This holiday is necessary. I have not traveled on my own in three years.

Will you be going anywhere this summer?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Holiday Prep

  1. I loved The Giver and read Gathering Blue, but I agree with your assessment that the rest of the series isn’t nearly as good as The Giver.

    Traveling alone sounds exciting! Have fun!

    1. Hi Amy! Glad to hear your thoughts about The Giver series. I tend to travel alone. Tis my life. Haha. It can be rather fun. Have a good week!

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