Sunday Salon: Work

Sunday Salon

Hello everyone!

This week, I posted my list for The Classics Spin (check back tomorrow to see which book I will read for it), reviews of Sandman: Dream Hunters by Neil Gaiman and and P. Craig Russell, The Best American Travel Writing 2012 Ed. by William T. Vollman, and . Also, BTT was on Why I love to read.

I read and finished Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin as well as the first season of the show. That review will be up tomorrow. I also read Stephen Colbert’s I am a Pole (And So Can you!) which I won’t write a proper review for, but it was amusing. I’m currently reading Here’s Looking at Euclid which I hope to finish later today after I go out this morning. It’s taken me two days to get halfway through the book because it a book about math after all.

Tomorrow, I am returning to full time work to temp again. Now, I am also going to work a Saturday job so that means six days a week at least for a couple of weeks. This will cut into my leisure time, but hopefully I can balance it. I have this weird idea that work begets more work and hopefully better work. I’ve had two jobs before, but not ones amounting to almost 50 hours per week.

Still, I’ll find some time for the books and the knitting here and there. The blog may be neglected for a bit, but I’ll still do my Sunday Salon posts. This will be the only day I have off.

Have a good week, everyone!

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