Six Georgette Heyer novels

It’s been a fun couple of years reading Georgette Heyer novels. They have been great summer reads. While I have not read every book in her oeuvre, I have covered all her romance works now. I own one of her mysteries so it’s to be determined if I’ll enjoy them as much as I have some of her romance novels.

When on vacation, I discovered I had six unread Heyer novels on my Kindle. These books were great for the boring and slow days I had. Not all of them were good so let’s summarize quickly on which are the ones I enjoyed.

The Good

False Colours

Twins switching places. Kit was a really cute character and better than this twin, but the novel excels best at the loving relationship between the twins and their mother. Not enough of Kit’s romance with Cressy, but she’s a nice enough romantic partner when the book focused on her.

Finished May 18, 2014.

The Nonesuch

Like most of the Heyer novels I enjoy, this novel has a heroine that is slightly older. The Nonesuch is almost a Gary Stu, and undeniably very charming. He is in the best of Heyer heroes for his philantrophy. There are some annoying characters, but the lead couple definitely make this worthwhile.

Finished May 19, 2014.

Black Sheep

A well to do 28 year old woman meets her match in a man considered as the black sheep their families. This was cute, but not as fun as the aforementioned two works. I think maybe there wasn’t enough page time between the two leads.

Finished May 23, 2014.

The Not-As-Good

Powder and Patch

One of Heyer’s earliest novels and it shows. It’s over the top silly. Girl tells Boy that he is too manly and practical. He becomes some sort of fop. Both of them act like idiots.

Finished May 19, 2014.

Bath Tangle

This is Black Sheep‘s sillier and more annoying sister. Both books two place in Bath and have two lead females. I found Serena and her intended to be annoying really. The men were more idiotic than usual. I wish Serena had ended up with the nice middle class gentleman who appeared in two scenes. He was actually interesting.

Finished May 21, 2014.

The WTF?

Cousin Kate

This is actually Heyer’s attempt at a Gothic novel. I did not realize this until reading it. I did not mind some of the earlier parts. Heyer did get the creepiness factor in and Kate’s Aunt is really terrible. She’s clearly some sort of Narcissist, and there’s some interesting stuff about madness in that era. There are downsides. First, it’s long, slow, and a tad repetitive. Heyer takes much too long highlighting all the various incidents in the house. Secondly, the romance is barely there and both parties are not that well drawn. Third, Kate is not a bright girl. She does not seem to understand she’s in a terrible situation. Not recommended, and a bit strange for Heyer. I think she could have improved over time though. Still, stick to the romances.

Finished May 20, 2014.

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