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Hello! It recently came to my attention that my Feedburner RSS feed was no longer updating. It’s been broken for months. I have tried to fix it myself to no avail and learned that Google offers no support for Feedburner. I have had to switch back to using my WordPress feed exclusively. I am very disappointed because I will lose some subscribers from this. However, I have done my best to change the links on my current blog to go direct to my standard blog feed.

I am back to updating this blog on a regular basis mostly with books and movies, but there will be a few more knitting, food, and stationery posts in the future.

Please add the following feed to your preferred RSS reader to follow this blog:

You can follow this blog in other ways as well:

Twitter: Tweets are fed from the feed on this blog. Follow @athena to follow this blog.

MailChimp Mailing List: For the couple of people who were subscribed to the Feedburner RSS email subscription, you have been imported into this new list. Please subscribe to the blog updates on the menu or in this post:

In other social media, you may also follow me on GoodReads which is updated frequently or follow my pins on Pinterest but neither link to my blog entries.

Thank you for reading!

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