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I read some mixed to negative reviews of this book when it came out. However, even with her writing faults in some ways, I remain a J. K. Rowling fan. I also love the Potterverse.

There are spoilers in this review.

The play started off a bit stilted dialogue wise and the plot did not set off right away. I did find Albus annoying because he seemed so angry and hurt for the first half. I understand he was being bullied and didn’t fit in, but it was still difficult to read. It was like Harry in Order of the Phoenix again, but worse since I was not in Albus’s head. However, he matures and so does his relationship with Harry.

After awhile, the plot picked up very quickly at the halfway point when they were in the alternate timelines. I really liked Scorpius throughout. He is both Ron and Hermione in one. He’s funny, intelligent, and still laid back.

When Snape appears in the play, I was verklempt. His lines were in character and dry: “I’m dead, presumably.” When told Voldemort kills him, he replies “How very irritating.” Knowing the great Alan Rickman has passed and that he would never utter those lines, I was emotional.

In addition to liking Scorpious, Draco got more character development than all the other original characters. I really liked how Rowling expanded on the development and growth from the last book to this one.

Harry is still as flawed and messed up as ever. I’m happy that he is still close to Ron/Hermione. I think their romance worked well in this book. At least we got some Ginny in this; I know a lot of people hate Ginny. I’ve never had issue with her in the books. She’s more interesting in fanon, but again, I do not really have problems with her in Rowling’s universe.

There were definite elements of cheese in the dialogue, but on the whole, I can’t imagine how good this would be on the stage. I’m a Potterphile and I would love to see this play in person.

On the whole, I liked it, but Rowling has been taking my money since I was 14. I find it hard to see how that will stop.

Read Aug 13, 2016.

One thought on “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J. K. Rowling

  1. “On the whole, I liked it, but Rowling has been taking my money since I was 14. I find it hard to see how that will stop.”

    This line made me laugh!

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