Bullet Journal by Ryder Carroll

I think I may have tried reading this before. I definitely read the author’s website when this first method first got popular.

I have used a Filofax for years. I’ve experimented with Bullet Journalling as well. I’ve tried it and most of the tenets of it does not work for me personally. Over the years, I’ve found that all I really need is a dated agenda which has space for daily to do and events. I mix it with use of my digital calendar. I keep my daily to-do under 10 items (usually) and sometimes, they are repeating daily routine like my morning pages, meditation, and making food. I like checking it off. I use a digital calendar for events to go alongside my Filfoax. Work gets its own calendar and I cross reference my two digital ones.

In addition to this, I do morning pages (really one page) and a pre-bedtime evening journal. This is enough reflection and writing for me. I’ve discovered that I really can’t live without a dated agenda though. Even though I miss some days or weeks, I always go back to it. Buying the filofax refills once a year minimizes wastes of buying a whole new agenda. I prefer the Two Days Per Page Diary.

This book was fine and I think a lot of people would benefit from it. I think you can get the gist of this method via the author’s website, Youtube, and other online resources. The book felt very padded with philosophy and general self-help organization things which I did not need. I skimmed a some of it as a result. Good to try at least.

3.25/5 stars. Read July 14-21, 2023.

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