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This British crime film was probably one of the reasons the producers of the Bond films hired Daniel Craig as James Bond. A thinner Craig (before he gained all that 007 muscle) shows his acting prowess as a conflicted drug dealer amidst all the motley layers of the British crime world. It goes without saying that DG is attractive in this as he is ever, but part of his appeal is that his sexiness seems subtle and under the surface yet not. The movie is not for those who do not like swearing, violence, drug use/dealing, and criminals being “glamourized.” If you don’t like Guy Ritchie films such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels which featured tough-love-dad-Sting or Brad-Pitt-with-accent Snatch, look away. Apparently, Ritchie was even suppose to direct it, but his frequent producer and friend Matthew Vaughn took the helm (Vaughn recently directed Stardust; something I want to see as well). For a debut, it was nicely directed. Good soundtrack, many subplots and “layers” in the script (adapted from a novel by the same author), and as with most British TV/film production, I recognized almost every one of the actors from another Brit series or movie. That’s always fun for me because I seem to attach easily to actors. I liked almost all the cast except Sienna Miller; she’s just one of those rare celebrities I can not warm up to. There is suppose to be a sequel of the novel in the works which may open up for a sequel of this movie; I’d watch it especially if Mr Craig reprises his role.

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