Mr. Darcy’s Diary

After a couple of boring P&P modern retellings and Mr. Darcy perspective books, I learned to be conservative with published Jane Austen “interpretations”. Not all of them are bad, but not all of them are good either. This was on the Express Collection shelf at the library, and I didn’t have much to lose as it looked short. Also, a blurb on the back says Austenblog approved of this book. Those snarky Austenites definitely have an authority. This book was fun. While it is done in the format of Darcy’s diary entries, but it is just a literary device to let us in on the literary heart throb’s thoughts. Kudos to Ms Grange for her ability to capture Austen’s style. The writing is shrewd in its own way, and it really is a nice companion to Pride & Prejudice as you read it. It is a lovely way to reread P&P and reminisce about the original. Though, I have one slightly spoilery comment below.

This retelling of the story, like many other published Austen fanfiction (I say it with respect) falls into what I call the Anne effect wherein the story is not completed until we know that sickly Anne de Bourgh also lives happily ever after. I’ve never been interested in Anne, and it feels a bit disjointed when her character is elevated in these books. Ah, well, it is good for girl power for her to stand up to her mother and find herself, etc.

I recommend this book to other Austenites looking for a quick read. It is actually a good reading material for the festive holidays.

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