Monhly Movies 02/08

Snow Cake (02 02 08) – REVIEW
Venus (06 02 08) – Oh, Peter O’Toole. Why must you go breaking my heart with your heartbreaking, pathos-filled portrayal of age, love, desire, and stark reality. Someone always be stealing Peter O’Toole’s Oscars.
La Vie En Rose (16 02 08) – I knew a bit that Edith Piaf had a rough childhood, but it was interesting to see how bad it was. I think the acting by Cotillard was fine, but sometimes, I really wanted to shake Edith Piaf and say, “Get it together, woman!” She was a smartass a lot, and I didn’t really warm up to the character. It was not a bad film, but I was not particularly enlightened or wowed by much.

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