Monthly Movies – 12/07

A good movie month. Links to Amazon when available.

In theatre: His Dark Materials: The Golen Compass (08 12 07) – REVIEW

Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others) (10 12 07) – REVIEW.
Ratatouille (11 12 07) – I’ve experienced mice in the kitchen, and so some of the scenes with the rats did not bring back good memories. The film is sweet though. I liked it more than some other Pixar fare which is difficult because I’ve liked almost all the Pixar films. It also has some nice messages about the wonder that is food and cooking.
Layer Cake (14 12 07) – REVIEW.
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (15 12 07) – This was long, and like many sequels, it had way too many subplots. Many of which did not seem to end or wrap up coherently. It’s always nice to see Captain Jack, but I really hope they don’t make another one of these. The horse is dead.
Stardust (15 12 07) – A very good complement to the novel but has its own flavour. The changes were nice, and may be even a bit better than the book (and I really liked the book). Good casting, nice humor, still retained some dark things. Recommended.
Splendor in the Grass (24 12 07) – REVIEW
Volver (24 12 07) – REVIEW
Croupier (25 12 07) – Did not see the ending to this either, but good straight forward plot and characters. The noir touches make it what it is.
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (25 12 07) – My favourite part of the movie was the dancing of Elizaebeth Taylor.
Amazing Grace
(26 12 07) – Only watched for Ioan Gruffudd. Stayed for the other typical British stately acting performances. Well shot, lots of nice costumes, and a good script. This is the stuff Ioan excels in, not hiding his voice with a faux American accent as a superhero taking a backseat to Jessica Alba.
Sleepy Hollow (29 12 07) – There is some serious good gothic visuals in this. Burton’s visuals are in their dark best even amidst a mediocre script. Great cast too.
La Doublure (The Valet) (29 12 07) – REVIEW

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