Sunday Salon: Balancing Act

Sunday Salon

Today is the first free day I have for reading since last Sunday. I have been taking a Social Media Certificate course at the local college so I am going to school again. It’s taken my time to homework, go to class, and transition from my previous sloth existence.

I have a lot of books from the library to read including a big stack of Georgette Heyer. Not for today though since Walking People by Mary Beth Keane is priority and due Tuesday.

My goal this year was to blog and read more again. I think I’ve done well, but in the last few weeks, I’ve watched less shows, movies, and knit much less than I would have before. That’s the problem with hobbies. I always find there isn’t enough time of day to do all the things that I want.

Do you balance reading with other hobbies and interests? Does reading usually win out?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Balancing Act

  • Laurel-Rain Snow

    There are so many things competing for my time these days, that I often wonder: how did I find time to work at my career for more than three decades? lol

    I’m enjoying my life more these days, with books, movies, blogging….and working on two WIPs.


  • Giselle

    Well me I am not into reading and I guess I would prefer other more interests rather than reading but, it sometimes depends on the topic I read..

  • Nose in a book

    Yes, I think reading probably wins over other hobbies (photography, writing, cinema…erm, this used to be a much longer list) but not over other things in my life such as time with friends, work, cooking and other housework. It’s tough keeping a balance, isn’t it?

    • athena (Post author)

      It is tough, and sometimes reading gets pushed down with the other hobbies. I never had that many hobbies to begin with. Thanks for commenting!


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