WIP Wednesday: Stashbusting Lopi

Hazel Knits Yarn Club August

Last week, my first ever yarn/sock club purchase came in the mail from Hazel Knits Yarn Club. I have been waiting for this package for almost a month. Actually, if you factor in the fact I bought the early bird, I’ve been waiting for it for two months!

I am not sure why it was delayed. From the USA, things can take as quick as one week, usually less than two weeks. I became increasingly worried about it because it is very nice yarn and was my first club purchase. Even on the day it arrived September 4th, I was preparing to email Wendee the dyer and/or the USPS.

But it came and it is lovely! I am not sure what to do with it at the moment other than to ogle and fondle it. I may use the green for a stranded sweater I had in mind. Not sure. It did come with a stranded sock pattern which is also tempting. Hmm.

In other news, I finished Girasole and it is big, lacey, dry and with rough edges. The FO post up this Friday hopefully.

As usual, I always start a new project right after I finish the previous one. My current project is stashbusting lopi by making Taska, a purse from Istex Lopi book #25. I own this book because I bought two years ago to make my first sweater, Aftur:


Gosh, I adore lopi. You can’t wear it everyday and it’s difficult to wear indoors because it is so hot, but when for outdoors, it is perfect. I’ve worn it on a hike in the woods in the autumn and skating with a merino turtleneck underneath at -15’C. It feels like iron. I was always proud of this sweater even though it is a bit on the boxy side since I didn’t add any waist shaping. As a first sweater, I think it is pretty good.

When I finished it, I ended up with a lot of leftovers including almost two full balls of the MC and lots of bits from the fair isle. Taska is the companion project and just a way for me to stashbust and knit lopi again. It is unlikely that I will use the purse very much, but it will be cute none the less.

Taska purse

Thanks for reading. Let me know what is on your needles today?

8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Stashbusting Lopi

  • steph

    while we lived in upstate NY lopi was one of my go-to yarns, and I loved how I could venture outside on the coldest days and be toasty; now we live in KY—oh, lordy!!!! It’s hot down here (to me) all year long. My poor wooly sweaters don’t get much wear—i’m more into sock-weight stuff, and i’ll have to check out Hazel—that yarn looks amazing! can’t wait to see what you decide to do with it.

    • athena (Post author)

      Hi Steph! I just live hours north of you in Canada, and yes, it is great for outdoor winter wool! Too bad you live in a warmer climate and your sweaters are neglected. I have too many handknit sweaters now! Sock weight stuff is lovely. Hazel is fabulous from what I hear and I’m really excited to try it. Thanks!

    • athena (Post author)

      Hey Geoff! Reading and Knitty are my main hobbies. I read more than I knit these days which is good for the bank, but I am able to knit while watching movies/tv so it’s good to keep the hands moving. I hope you pick it up again someday; it always makes me feel accomplished to have made something. Thanks!

  • Michelle

    I absolutely LOVE the yoked colorwork sweater! It’s gorgeous. I’m sure you will find something delightful to knit with your new yarn. It looks squishy and wonderful.

    • athena (Post author)

      Hi Michelle! I love it too! But I only wear it once a year or so for physical activities. It’s really too hot or too cold otherwise to wear by itself, but I love the Icelandic sweaters. I have two lopi pattern books and I’m not one that is big on buying pattern books either. Thanks for the comment! Happy knitting.


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