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Sunday Salon

Hello everyone! How is your Sunday going?

This week, I read Lost Laysen by Margaret Mitchell and continued to read Bel-Ami. I may read a bit of it today, but I also want to fiddle. I like the writing in the book, but it requires more concentration because of the French.

Last week, I made Lime Frozen Yogurt from Canning for a New Generation and I am writing up a review of the cookbook. The yogurt turned out ok, but it’s going to take me awhile to eat it!

Skipped badminton again this week, but still love yoga. I’ve been thinking I should meditate again. I use to do it once a week back in graduate school, and I really think it helped me get through that year. Does anyone else meditate?

It’s colder, and I like to stay indoors more. I am a homebody at heart.

Have a good week, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Food & Meditation

    1. Hi Laurel! You should read it just to get an insight on her life. She wrote the novella when she was 15 and she didn’t want it published. It’s interesting to see her as a developing writer though. Thanks!

      1. I’ve read Lost Laysen too. I of course prefer Gone With the Wind. 🙂 But it’s amazing to read something by Mitchell when she was so young. The talent for thrilling the reader is there.

        1. Hi Mabel! I was wondering if you were still commenting on blogs. 😉 I agree that it was interesting to read an early work of hers. Makes me wish I was that talented when I was 15. Thanks!

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