Day: August 9, 2013

This book helped me get out of my nonfiction bubble. It was almost too obvious to me when I started it in a waiting room at a walk-in clinic. Heyer is light, breezy and has a world of her own! Good for summer, distractions and for just a touch of romance.

Miss Tavener is wealthy heiress from Yorkshire going to set up house in London with her brother Perry. Miss Tavener is one of the classic Heyer protagonists: forthright, intelligent, and a true bookworm. She exclaims happily when she realizes Hatchard’s is near her new home. I love Hatchard’s of London. One of my top five bookstores in that city.

Jane Austen gets a couple of references in this one too which is mighty amusing.

This is a classic tale of girl meets man, girl hates man, and girl realizes that man is actually her guardian. Ok, not so much the last bit, but there is considerable animosity on her part about Lord Worth. I’m not crazy about him either all the time. Not of the worse Heyer leads, but definitely on the rougher and bad boy end. He’s just a little too arrogant and unpleasant at times to make me feel fictional swoon. It works out though, and I’m glad for the happily ever after.

Read August 6th 2013.