Fake Isle Hat

Fake Isle Hat

Fake Isle Hat, started November 13, 2007, finished November 30, 2007
Pattern: Fake Isle Hat by Amy King from MagKnits November 2006.
Yarn: Less than 1 skein of each Patons SWS in Natural White and Natural Earth (70% wool 30% soy 80g 110yards)
Needles: #6/4.0mm 16″ metal circs and DPNs
Modifications: CO for small size, but I added a few rows it at the rim and in the middle, and then realized it was too long so I skipped a few of the decrease rows.
Lessons Learned: Two handed stranding.
Cost of Project: $10 for yarn
Would I knit it again? Yes, but I’d probably just do the Small size as written, maybe add a couple of rows for extra length.
Pattern Notes and Comments: First colour work project. Started this project on 13/11/07, but had to CO three times. The first time I did it with the big size and it seemed too loose for me (I have a slightly bigger than normal cranium), so I recasted on 18/11/07. That somehow twisted. This actually was actually finished between 19/11/07 and 30/11/07. It’s a bit big because I did knit the large size row wise for a bit, but realised that it was going to be huge so I skipped a lot of decrease rows. It’s not that bad, but this hat knits up larger than most. The good thing is: it covers my ears!

This is my first time using the Patons SWS. I bought a lot of it for this hat and a scarf that I will be making to match. It’s really fuzzy, but not itchy as I’ve heard some people say. My tickle factor is low. I used less than skein of each of the SWS colours so more for the stash.

I love stranding.

4 thoughts on “Fake Isle Hat

  • Lissette

    Oooh that pattern looks mighty complicated and the layers are different colours too so I can tell you put in a lot of effort and hard work. But it paid off in the end because it turned out fantastic! Five stars, baby. lol

    And I’m just dandy. I can’t wait until you finish your semester because then I know for sure you’ll get a chance to relax during break. And a relaxing Athena is way better than a stressed out Athena. *nodnodnod*



  • Alice

    Your hat is gorgeous. I didn’t realize SWS came in solid white… I may have to check it out! I am very impressed with your first colorwork 🙂


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