Kim by Rudyard Kipling

This is not a book review. I started reading this book six months ago, and I have only made it page 68 out of 261. I am officially giving up this book.

This was a Classics Club spin book, and my reading has not been as good this year. I tried many times to pick up this book, but I just found it too boring. Giving up a book is not easy for me. It’s only happened five times in recent memory. I am a speed reader so I can usually skim to some degree, but even skimming this novel was difficult.

I bought the book at used charity book fair because I loved The Jungle Book. I read the reviews and recaps of the books to spur my desire, but I couldn’t do it. First, the novel was too slow paced for me. I did not get a sense of the protagonist. I did not like the dialogue style. There are a lot of “thee” and “thou”. Utter tedium for me and I’m not even sure why it even bored me that much. I’ve read War and Peace, but nope, I have wasted enough time on this book. I think I will donate it.

Life is too short to read books that you don’t enjoy.

Started reading March 2014, gave up Sept 1, 2014.

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