Shopaholic to the Rescue by Sophie Kinsella

I have read many of Sophie Kinsella’s novels. Most of them are rather forgettable and not always worth the pick up. However, there is something nice and frothy about her style when she is good.

This is the eighth novel in the Shopaholic series. I did not read the last one, but I have read most of the other books in this series. At least Becky (Bloomwood) Brandon has developed as a character over the course of the books. Secondly, I think Kinsella is particularly funny when writing dialogue and situations for these characters. I had a good laugh during one scene of this book.

The writing in these books is nothing to wax poetic about. Sometimes it works for me, and sometimes it doesn’t. There were definite plot holes in this novel, but this is chicklit. I want a laugh and a quick read. For that reason, this worked. I will still probably read more Kinsella and anticipate more mixed results. That’s not to the worse thing in my reading life though.

Read June 25- July 1, 2016 (mostly July 1).

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