Remember Me?

remember me? So, I have read all of Sophie Kinsella’s books. I am going to admit that the shopaholic series protagonist Becky Bloomwood can be grating, but for some reason, I keep reading the books. Kinsella still has the opportunity to make me laugh or chuckle once in a book, and I did really like Can You Keep a Secret?. I keep hoping I’ll like the others books as much, and I do prefer Kinsella over Meg Cabot most of the time. This book has a great concept: what if you did get amnesia and woke up to a totally different time in your life? I’ve wondered about it myself. The book has its amusing moments as Kinsella’s books often do, but I found the characters sometimes more grating than in her previous books. Though, I think I like the ending of this book more than in The Undomestic Goddess (which had less annoying characters but with ambivalent ending). These are fluffy chicklit novels; I don’t really expect a lot of depth from them. They don’t even take that much time. This book took me a couple hours of reading. They do allow a little distraction from daily life, and I will keep reading Kinsella’s books as a result.

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  • Christine

    You might try books by Madeleine Wickham — that’s actually “Sophie Kinsella’s” real name, and she publishes under it as well. The Wickham books are less fluffy — I quite like them.


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