The Girl in the Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz

It has been six years since I first read the Millenium trilogy. I remember devouring the books and being disappointed when I finished them. While they had their flaws and melodramaic moments, I enjoyed the characters. I think Lisbeth Salander was a memorable modern literary heroine.

When I heard this novel was going to be made, I had mixed feelings especially considering the estate battle that went on between Larson’s family (his father and brother) and his long term partner who allegedly owns a fourth manuscript. Lagercrantz was supported by the formal estate from the family. Profit is definitely a motivation here.

In any case, this novel took me much longer than to read than I thought. Four days is a long time for a thriller book for me especially considering how I devoured the first three Millennium books. I did like the ending and I think both Lagercrantz did Lisbeth and Mikael justice to a certain extent. While I didn’t think it was a perfect continuation, I’m glad it was not suppose to be.

Overall, I think for fans of the Millenium trilogy, this is an alright attempt to continue that universe. I am someone who has no problem with published “fanfic” as it were. I also think I would continue reading this series if Lagercrantz were to continue. Not a perfect novel, but serviceable for those of us who like the characters.

Read July 4-8, 2016.

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