Monthly Movies – 11/07

I haven’t done this feature since March. I use to watch a lot of movies, and now, not so much. Tis sad. This feature may continue to be sporadic.

Movies seen in November 2007. Does not include any rewatches, and I don’t think there were any. Links to Amazon when available.

Little Children (01 11 07) – REVIEWED.
The Bourne Ultimatum (09 11 07) – I have seen all three of these movies and liked them. I am my dad’s daughter in the sense that I really can enjoy action movies. I think this series and Matt Damon has held up really well. It’s consistently entertaining, not stupid, and holds its appeal. I don’t know if making a fourth would do anything for it, but I’ll definitely watch it if they do. I should really read the books, but never find the time. I will one day.
The Simpsons: Movie (10 11 07) – Nice and easy. It wasn’t as good as classic Simpsons (but what is?), but I haven’t watched any of the recent episodes. The film had a few good jokes and balanced it with that Simpsons heart that I’ve always been fond of. I’m a sap, but it was pleasant viewing.
Father of the Bride (10 11 07) – Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor as his daughter. I’ve seen all the Steve Martin movies that came out of this original. They’re funny in different ways. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched an old movie (pathetic since I use to watch those in marathons), and this movie is such a straightforward comedy of yore. It’s not Tracy at his best or Taylor at her most beautiful, but the film holds up well for the father-daughter relationship it displays.
Learners (13 11 07) – This is a BBC TV movie starring Jessica Hynes (who also wrote it) and David Tennant. I watched it for the DT of course, and it wasn’t that funny. I also suck supremely at driving so a film about a woman who fails to pass her test reflects on my own ineptitude on the road.

I also have a lot (more than a dozen) movies in the To Be Watched pile, and I am going to make a dent into that list. December will be a busy month for a lot of things.

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