Monthly Movies 08/08

Only two films in August. For many reasons, I read more, I knit more, and the Olympics were on. Also, I have been saving and storing my films for my move afraid that I will not be able to watch as many movies in my new home.

Waitress (19 08 08) – Not actually a romantic comedy as the trailers lead you to believe. It does have great chemistry between Keri Russell and the criminally hot Nathan Fillion, and lots of implausibility as you do in rom-coms. Also Andy Griffith. Pacing can be a bit slow, and there really is never enough NF, but cute flick.
Serenity (20 08 08) – Yes, I needed another excuse to watch NF again, and this time, Chiwetel Ejiofor was along for the ride. I’ve liked CE since Dirty, Pretty, Things. That reminds me that I want to see Kinky Boots, but have trouble finding a copy. In any case, I only saw one or two episodes of Firefly while it was on air. It’s a great cast, but the writing or the space cowboy concept never grabbed me. The Southern accents can be jarring. Decent sci-fic flick which is chilling and intense. Very Whedonesque.

Total: 2

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