Sunday Salon: June Book Fairs

Sunday Salon

This week, I read two books. One was the Jungle Book and the other was Heyer’s The Convenient Marriage. The latter’s post was scheduled incorrectly and the review will be up tomorrow.

Today, I plan on starting and reading Hardy’s Tess of the d’Urbervilles. I’ve been wanting to read this book for a few years as I have liked Hardy though I do find a lot of his works difficult because of the tragedies he usually puts in the books. I feel Tess will probably be hard especially since it concerns women’s place in Victorian society.

After that, I will read another Heyer. For my next Classics Club and Victorian Challenge read, I will probably go with George Eliot’s Mill on the Floss. I have also been meaning to read this for years and semi-avoiding it since I saw the adaptation before I knew of the book.

In other book news, I went to used book fair on Wednesday and I plan on going to another one on Saturday. I didn’t do any used book shopping in 2011, and book blogging has me back on it. I’m excited by the one on Saturday because the last time I went a few years ago, I got lots of books. Hopefully the selection will be as good this year. I have already started a haul post since I want to share what I got.

That’s it for this Sunday. What are you reading today? I hope everyone has a good week. Happy reading!


    • athena

      Hi Jillian! Hopefully it is as interesting as the synopsis makes it out to be. Female centric novels from the past can be tough because of the feminist values and issues around it. Hardy has also been more aware of it than some male writers of his time. Thanks for commenting!

    • athena

      Hi Laurel-Rain! I want to watch the movie after too if I can. I saw snippets of it before, but put it off knowing I hadn’t read the book yet. Definitely love book fairs, but I end up with too many books that I have room for! I hope you have a good week and thanks for commenting.

  • Nose in a book

    Oh, I hope you like Tess. I loved it back when I was a teenager. Today (in fact just now) I have finished reading The Tiger’s Wife, and am now trying to put together some coherent thoughts about it! Have a great week.

    • athena

      I saw you post about Tiger’s Wife on Goodreads. I’ve been seeing that at the library so I will pick it up if I get the chance since you seem to have liked it! Thanks for commenting and hope you have a great week too.

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