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Which is more important? Quality for your reading? Or quantity? – BTT

In almost every case in life, quality is better than quantity. Having said that, I aim for both in my reading. I like reading a lot of books. I love them, and I’m very glad to have a range of interests in genres, styles, and periods. I have thousands of books I could read and most of them probably wouldn’t be bad. Yes, there are many books out there that are not “quality”, but I find reading a quality hobby and act in of itself. It’s not often I regret reading a book.

How about you?

8 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday – Quantity or Quality?

  1. I’m with you, although I definitely prefer quality over quantity. I would rather read 12 amazing books in a year than 120 horrible books. I tend to mix genres and read really fast so my numbers read are really high, but I don’t mind at all spending a lot of time on a single book if it is enjoyable and worth the investment.

    1. Hi Geoff! I agree 100%. I’m also a fast reader so for me it’s not difficult to achieve a higher than average books read. I like variety too so it’s useful to have quality from different genres. Have a great long weekend!

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