The Foundling by Georgette Heyer

This title was a bit misleading. It is about an orphan though. It’s about the Duke of Sale who decides to pretend being normal and has some fun adventures along the way.

There is a romance, but like in some other Heyer novels, it’s an afterthought. The main “foundling” in the novel is a simplistic but beautiful young girl. Thankfully, unlike in Sprig Muslin, this silly female is not featured heavily.

Overall, I liked the main character, but the females in the novel could be developed much more. Lady Harriet seems very good, but a bit one dimensional. Once again, the lack of screen time on the romance makes the reader feel less inclined. Belinda the foundling is too ridiculous.

Better than the last two Heyer novels I’ve read. I should take a break from Heyer, but her books are always addictive. It’s a fun and innocent world. They are pure escapism because nothing really bad happens to them. Sometimes, that’s all you want to read about.

Read on Kindle August 22-23 2013.

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