Reading Challenges Update 01/08

My books and movies lists for 2007 are up on the blog that I keep for the purpose of holding my annuals lists:  52  books (with audiobooks; 45 actually read) and watched 71 movies. I am averaging ten less than last year. Sigh. Maybe the reading challenges can up my book intake, or maybe they’ll make me go literary mad. What have I gotten myself into?

Current Challenges

  • Book Awards (6 of 12) – Progress is going well, and there is lots of time for me to complete this before July 1
  • Seafaring Reading (0 of 2) – I have the second book in the series, not the first yet. May be cutting close.
  • William Shakespeare (0 of 4) – Two plays, the complete sonnets, and a biography.
  • Graphic Novels (0 of 6) – Six graphic novels in 2008.
  • Decades 08 (0 of 8) – Want to do 16 decades.
  • In their shoes (0 of ?) – I picked rougtly 6-7 bios/memoirs to be read in the calendar year.
  • Russian Reading (0 of 4) – Four Russian related books in one year.
  • What’s in a Name? (0 of 6) – Six books in one year.
  • TBR 2008 (0 of 12) – Twelve books in twelve months.
  • Man Booker Challenge (0 of 6) – Six Booker prize winners in one year.
  • Notable Books – No book limit, and each update will say if I’ve read one.
  • Pulitzer Project – No time limit.
  • Booker Project – No time limit.

Completed Challenges

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