Day: July 5, 2012

On BTTthis week:

So other than books … what periodicals do you read? Magazines? Newspapers? Newsletters? Journals? Do you subscribe? Or do you buy them on the newsstand when they look interesting?

When I was in university, I would read periodicals more often because I had to be current with the news. My program in undergrad even had a subscription to “The Economist”, and I would read that once a week. In those days, I also really liked “The New York Times”, “The Guardian”, and “The Washington Post”. I also like “The New Yorker” and read some articles of it online. When I find the time, I read the BBC News online and I really like their small online magazine too. I also like fashion magazines, but one doesn’t really read them so much as use them for eye candy.

The problem is that I neither have the money nor the time to read more periodicals. My parents read newspapers; my Dad use to read books, but now he only has time for newspapers. Subscriptions can be expensive especially if I don’t really have the time to really make use of it. It’s a little dream of mine to be able to afford a subscription and the time to read “The New Yorker” one day.

I also read “The Best American Travel Writing” anthology every year. That is a compilation of travel writing from periodicals, and I do like periodicals a lot. You find some of the best nonfiction pieces in them. I just wish I had more time and money to peruse them.

How about you?