Day: July 8, 2012

Sunday Salon

Hello, Sunday! It has been another hot week where I am. In other news, I started a new job this week so I have been in bed at 10 and awake before 7. It hasn’t given me a lot of time to enjoy my hobbies, but I did manage to read Frederica by Georgette Heyer this week.

I also started The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James yesterday. He is descriptive, but he balances it out with actual dialogue. So far, I like his sense of humour and tone. I will read more this week, but I anticipate another busy and hot week ahead so I definitely won’t be able to read very much.

After this, I’ll read another Heyer book. I want to read Game of Thrones after that, but I may opt to read another Victorian era novel instead. Also, I updated my Kindle on Calibre this week; I’ve accumulated a lot of books that I haven’t read the Kindle since last year! I bought the Kindle for travel, and I haven’t been doing it at all so it’s moot. Secondly, I do prefer paper books to the Kindle and often forget about it and what books I have already saved on it (a lot). Do you often feel you neglect your e-reader?

What are you reading this week?

Have a good week!