Day: July 15, 2012

Sunday Salon

The heatwave continues. This is the hottest summer in memory. The city is even at a Level 2 Drought. I just want to spend weekends indoors reading.

Yesterday, I finally finished The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James. That was it for the week.

I just started The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern; I’ll be reading that today. After that, I think I’ll read a Heyer then tackle Game of Thrones or The Chaperone.

Now that I’ve got a couple of Victorian books for the Victorian Reading Challenge and Classics Club under my belt, what other challenge should I join to organize my reading? Why, one for Jane Austen!

Austen in August

Roof Beam Reader is hosting Austen in August. I encourage people to join especially if you’ve read little to no Austen. Summer is a good time to read her because her works are very light and great for holiday reading. She is one of my favourite authors. I have read and enjoyed every one of her fictional novels (including the Sandition and Lady Susan) EXCEPT Mansfield Park. I just bought it last month for the Classics Club too, and this challenge will force me to read it after all these years. I like Austen works so much, I even ship her characters. I’ve even read fanfiction for Austen even.

You can’t really go wrong with any of her novels. The challenge also includes biographies about her and modern day interpretations of her books. As much as I do like Austen, I do only plan on reading Mansfield Park because I have so many other books to read. However, I just remembered, I have the sequel to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After on Kindle. I wasn’t a big lover of the first book; it was amusing enough. The sequel has a different author though so I may as well.

I feel rather organised about now, but at the same time not since I only read one book this week! Goodness, do I love books. They are my drug of choice.

What are you reading this weekend?