Day: July 17, 2012

Charity Girl by Georgette Heyer

The ending of this book surprised me. Actually if the ending happened as I expected and have come to expect from Heyer novels, I would have given this book a very low rating.

It features the most annoying of any of the Heyer’s characters I have read yet. I hated the odious Wilfred Stearne. Even though he came in two thirds of the way into the book, his one scene with Simone irked me so much, I was ready to skip the whole chapter. I also didn’t like his father and Hetta’s mother. There were a lot of annoying characters in this book, more than any of the Heyer books I have read.

On the other hand, the book’s saving grace is its protagonist: Lord Desford. He is a good man, son, and friend. I also like his best friend Hetta. In Regency terms, she is twenty five year old old maid. I like that as I read her later works, Heyer is writing more about women who are not as “fresh”. Specifically those in their early or mid twenties which is equivalent to ten to fifteen years older now. I prefer to read a girl like Hetta than to read a girl like Cherry, the eponymous character, who is innocent, cute and charming, but as Hetta says, “a bit of a goose”. Not enough sensibility. I don’t necessarily think this is my modern interpretation either.

Another Heyer book for my consumed list. It’s a bit odd for me to have read so many Heyer novels. I don’t usually read this many works from one author in such a short span of time but they are so very easy to read. Also, rather addictive and there are so many of her books. They are perfect for the summer and are extremely light. I’ve read most of the ones at my library now, and the ones they don’t have, I have already put on Kindle. I am not going to read every Heyer book, but overall, it’s been fun to read many of them.

Read July 15th 2012. I read and finished two books this day and I felt exhausted by it. In a good way of course, but rarely do I finish two books in one day or three books in one weekend.