Day: July 25, 2012


Last week, I wanted to post a WIP Wednesday, but found I hadn’t progressed very much either in spinning or my knitting. Mostly because this has been the hottest summer in my hometown. We do not have air conditioning so it makes me averse to knitting a giant wool blanket. Having said that, it cooled down for a few days, and I have been crafting again.

An important thing is that I bought Abby Franquemont’s Respect the Spindle from Chapters online. I usually buy new books online from Amazon, but I found that they didn’t have the book in stock (would take 1-2 months for delivery). I also had to replace one of my Harry Potter hardcover books, so I was able to get free shipping. I do not recommend buying from Chapters online though because the Harry Potter book came dented, ripped, and dirty. I returned it at a Chapters locally, but had to pay an additional $12 just to get one off their shelf. Blah. I usually do not buy new books. The last time I did was the Boxing day sale on BookCloseOuts which are very below average retail price. I love new books, but I can’t really afford to buy them even occasionally. I digress.

I didn’t plan on buying a book to learn spinning because I have library books (but my library doesn’t carry Respect the Spindle) and the internet. I bought Stitch and Bitch when I started knitting, but I didn’t use it much then and I rarely look at it now. One book to start off a hobby is reasonable though and I’ll have it always to refer to.

As for the book, I’ve looked through it, but I actually plan on reading it cover to cover which I don’t usually do with my crafting or cook books. This spindle book seems concise and well written though.

As recommended, I have been spinning every day when I can. I think my drafting is getting better. I am slightly more consistent in drafting out something thin.

I am spinning, more or less. I am parking and drafting. It is taking forever, but it is coming out sport to lace thin now which is what I want as opposed to the chunky to fingering I had going on

More spinning

The thick strand on the left is the original loosely spun worsted single ply yarn.

There are still a few problems. My drafting comes out sometimes too thin, and as a result, it overspins and snaps. This has happened a few times. I think I need a smaller spindle? Secondly, I have not achieved any rhythm. I spin, stop and draft carefully, repeat. It is a time consuming to get one yard, but it is getting therapeutic and less frustrating.

I am spinning leftover worsted weight single ply yarn. The drafting of that is different than if I did it off a roving, but I am reusing yarn and it’s working. I really hope it holds up. This is my practice yarn so I may use this when I learn to ply as well. I’ll wash it first to see how it handles as a single ply though.

Now that I am spinning more, I am susceptible to spindle lust! I can’t wait until I get another spindle or two. I have my eye on a trindle, not to mention getting a tiny turkish spindle from the someone people who made mine above. Eee! Hobbies require money!


As for knitting, I think I’ve knit about ten rounds on the Girasole. I am on my second skein of Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool. I’m having a hard time photographing the thing because it is so big now so it’ll be macro shots from here on out.

What are you crafting lately?

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