Sunday Salon: A book everywhere I go

Sunday Salon

Hello, everyone!

This week, I posted my review of Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman, detailed what I read for BTT, featured a newly made pair of socks, and discussed why I love Jane Austen for the Classics Club Meme.

It was a busy week as I started five books this week at five different different places:
Hark a Vagrant by Kate Beaton is my work break read.
Walden by Henry David Thoreau was started one night before bed.
The Driver’s Seat by Muriel Spark was started on Friday while I was waiting to get my passport renewed. I finished it yesterday while at the second job, and I started Let’s Talk About Love by Carl Wilson which I may read a bit more today with some Walden.

When you have a book, you’re never bored that’s for sure.

Today, I’ll run some errands, read, and maybe play the fiddle for the first time in weeks. I usually don’t like St. Patrick’s Day, but its approach this year seems to make me guilty for the fact that I haven’t been practicing Irish fiddle music.

Knitting the Buttercup top is very slow going because of the garter sideways hem. I also did Bikram yoga this week, and it’s been years since I did hot yoga, but it felt very good to really sweat it out as the winter doesn’t really allow for that.

Off to really start my precious Sunday as this is the only day off now.

Have a good week!

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