A Dance of Dragons by George R. R. Martin

Finally, I’m all caught up to the Song of Fire & Ice series. It’s taken me a couple of years to get through these books. I haven’t rushed through them. I’ve enjoyed reading them for the most part, but I had to space them out. They can be a tiring reads.

Case in point, I found the first half of this one particularly hard. It dragged. There was very little or no action, and I became frustrated with certain characters. It just felt they were spinning in circles. I found this one book even more depressing than the previous ones. It also seemed more violent and there were even more examples of women being treated as chattel or just a means to an end.

I just do not know how Martin is going to finish everyone’s stories in two more books at this rate. I expect there will be more than two books left. Every time he kills a character, another takes their place. I do like a few of these characters, but there are many that I don’t care for. In fact, I forgot about a couple of them especially all the ones who want to marry Dany.

It has been frustrating about how close some of the characters are to each other, but still so far. I think these books could be edited down.

In any case, I enjoy the show too and think they’ve done well adapting this book series. I will also read the next book whenever it comes out. I do want to know what happens to my favourite characters and this “game of thrones.” It has been a long and somewhat rough reading experience, but I’m still going to continue with this series. It’s been entertaining at least.

Read February 10-15, 2015 on Kindle.

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