Hour 1 and 2: No reading and webcomic mini challenge

Book and Page Progress: 0

In hour one, I did not read because a friend called. She does not call often and needed consolation. That took up most of the hour, and then I washed the dishes from lunch, made tea, and now I am starting Toni Morrison’s Beloved. I will be reading this for awhile.

Nymeth has a mini challenge about reading a web comic. I decided to read some Slow Wave which is a webcomic with dreams that are submitted from users. I remember reading this comic years ago, and found it fascinating as a person who remembers and lucid dreams. I am constantly entertained by my own dreams and by those of others so having it in webcomic is fun.

Now, I really must do some reading. Will be back at the top of the hour for Hour 3.

2 thoughts on “Hour 1 and 2: No reading and webcomic mini challenge

  • Nymeth

    I love the idea behind Slow Wave! I wasn’t familiar with it. I will check it out now.

    I look forward to your thoughts on Beloved.

  • dewey

    I had a similar thing happen hour 2! A friend called, and since she’d had a performance last night, which I attended, and wanted to rehash it, I really had to spend some time talking, you know? I mean, I wanted to, of course, but I couldn’t just say, oh, let’s talk tomorrow. Best of luck with your reading!


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