Sunday Salon: Attractions

This week, I finished reading Outlander, The Tempest, and Remember Me?. I read the latter two yesterday and the reviews will be up this week. I am determined to finish Gilead this week; I’ve put it off for long enough. I am doubtful about when I will finish Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell though since I just got a mini boat load of nonfiction requests from the library. I am running behind on the Book Awards Challenge so I must get started on The God of Small Things, Anil’s Ghost or Little, Big as well.

With the Twilight series and Outlander, I realized my reading trends have been inclined to the romantic these past two week. I do not often read many novels that are particularly romantic or with romance as the focus. Funnily enough, they are supernatural romances. I even watched The Ghost and Mrs. Muir on Friday. I not do these things consciously; I do notice little reading trends mostly in regards to the story themes (solitary, introspective, romantic, sad, funny, etc). Though, it just seems romantic books have been coming towards me these past two weeks. Does that often happen to you where little themes arise from books?

I have a friend who is not particularly bookish that only waits for books to come to her. As a book worm, I seek and aquire books greedily. I collect them and I covet them at rapid rates. I always have several ideas what book I could read next, but she is very fly-by-edge-of-your-seat kind of girl. She is finally reading the Harry Potter books even though I recommended them to her seven years ago. For her, books come to her in a haphazard way. Though, I do think a lot of books come to me, just in much greater numbers. Where do most of the books we read come from? For me, a mix of friends and literary merits (prize lists, classic books).

Happy Sunday!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Attractions

  • Andi

    I go through the same type of themed phases from time to time. Twilight is a good example. I read several other paranormal romancey type books right around that same period.

  • Shauna

    As a general rule, I don’t read many romances. Additionally, I almost never read fantasy novels. And yet, I have come to love both the Outlander series and the Twilight series. I’ve been sucked in to both (I’ve just started the fourth book in the Outlander series, Drums of Autumn, and I love it so far). I sometimes read in “themes” too, though I think maybe it falls into genre more than theme. I’ll have to watch my reading and see if I find myself doing that.

    This is the first Sunday Salon I’ve read of yours (I’m relatively new), but I look forward to reading more in the future.


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