Hour 3: Reading Beloved

Reading Progress: p. 28 of Beloved, Chapter 3.

Not much has gone on, just reading and drinking tea. Will make more tea as I will need the caffeine. I have ten varieties of tea and at least three varieties of hot chocolate. I would like to take a walk, but the weather is a bit wet today. It has already rained and it may rain again. Maybe in the evening I’ll take a short walk around the neighborhood.

I own Beloved having bought it four years ago in China of all places. Apparently China doesn’t censor literary and dark novels about slavery, race and memory. This is also my last book for the Book Awards Challenge, and one book off my official TBR 2008 pile since it is one of those many books that I own but have not read. It has some interesting prose so far even if the story and characters are sad.

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