Hour 20: Vocab Challenge

Books Read: 2
Progress: p. 48 of My Sister, Life.

Care has a challenge about favourite new words or run-on sentences read. Beloved had some intense prose, but I think I liked the word “rememory” from it the most. It’s not even a real word in the dictionary, but I always like making words up. By the way, Care, I am drinking rooibos tea.

I continue to read My Sister, Life and Other Poems. I’ll be finished before the next hour and I think I’ll write reviews between books. I think I can squeeze Promothea in giving me a grand total of four books.

One thought on “Hour 20: Vocab Challenge

  • Care

    I love made up words – of course, it could be a real word someday… AND rooibos is a new word for ME! Thanks, Care


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