Hour 21: Review Writing and A Well-Rounded Challenge

Books Read: 3

I finished My Sister, Life and Other Poems and am going to write the reviews for it and Persepolis this hour before moving onto Promothea.

So that this post is not a total waste, I joined another challenge.

A Well-Rounded Challenge

Read 1 book from 6 different challenges that you’ve signed up for that runs during the 6 month period of this challenge (7/1/08 – 12/31/08). My kind of challenge since it’s all cross posting. Here are the rules:

*Any combination of challenges works.
*You must be signed up with the other challenges.
*You may listen to eAudio, cassette tapes or compact discs.
*You may read all six books from the same challenge.
*To be well-rounded however means stretching yourself to include as many challenges (and books) as you can fit into this six month time frame.
*You don’t have to blog or write a review (but you can if you want to).
*Even if a challenge begins after July you may use it for this challenge.
*Even if a challenge ends after 12/31/08 you may use it for this challenge.
*Sign-ups begin 6/1/08 and run through 7/15/08.
*This challenge will run through 12/31/08.

    Challenges I will be reading for include:

    1. TBR 2008
    2. 1% Well Read
    3. Classics
    4. Reading the Nobels
    5. Russian Reading
    6. Decades 08
    7. In their Shoes
    8. What’s in a Name?
    9. The Obscure Challenge
    10. Book Awards Challenge II

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